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Odd Fellows Health Requirements

Health Requirements for Entering Santa Fe Odd Fellows Hall


Because Covid is no longer seen as a lethal threat, the Health Requirements depend on the group which is meeting at the Odd Fellows hall. Most groups have the following Requirements:

Each person who enters the Santa Fe Odd Fellows hall is strongly encouraged to have at least the original vaccinations against covid-19. (This includes children.) We would much prefer that everyone be up-to-date with all Covid vaccinations. However we will not turn people away who are not vaccinated.

Private businesses are not subject to HIPAA’s rules, so they can legally ask customers about their vaccination status.

Good quality N95 or Korean made KF94 masks are strongly encouraged although not required.


Each person must enter through the front door only. The side door will be blocked to prevent entry but left open to allow air circulation. Good ventilation is proven to decrease the risk of disease.

For good ventilation, windows should be kept open. If fans are on during the session they greatly improve ventilation.

Hand sanitizer will be available.  (It is generally acknowledged that surface transmission of COVID is virtually nonexistent, but colds and flu can still be easily transmitted via surfaces.)

If you are feeling unwell, please stay home. We will welcome you back when you are feeling better. We are trying to protect our friends who use the hall from disease. This is going to be a permanent requirement at the Santa Fe Odd Fellows Hall.


If you are uncomfortable with any of these suggestions, we look forward to seeing you when the requirements are lifted.

Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Santa Fe Lodge #2 © 2023

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