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Swing dancers having fun

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We are happy to tell you that, once again, the Santa Fe Odd Fellows hall is hosting dances and other events.

All participants MUST have up-to-date Vaccinations.

Questions? Click here.


The Santa Fe Odd Fellows lodge rents our hall to community organizations to hold their events. We rent the hall to groups who meet monthly or weekly or even daily. The events are generally open to the public. Rental of the hall is our source of revenue to pay for maintenance of the building.

We do not normally rent the hall for parties or on a      one-time basis.


We have time available during the day Monday - Friday. If you're interested in holding activities here (classes, practice sessions, rehearsals, clubs etc) please email us: Our insurance requires that each group carry its own liability insurance. We can help you with information about insurance companies who have the best rates.


If you have questions about a specific group, please read the notes about that organization on our Calendar and go to their website 

contra dancers.jpg

People have had a great time conta dancing at Odd Fellows hall for decades.

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Folk dancers enjoying dances from all over the world.

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